2012 Timeline Visual Summary

2012 Year in Review Personal Visual Summary

A few months ago I had the notion that it might be interesting to have a visual timeline of what I’ve done throughout the year – sort of a Nicholas Felton (Feltron Report) type self data tracking infographic. The idea started with just the timeline portion of work-related projects but the scope quickly grew and the project evolved.

This still has a lot of formatting and color issues and a lot of it won’t make much sense to anybody but me, but I don’t think I’m going to have much time to continue with this little project to improve it for public consumption, so I thought I would just post it as is. It’s an interesting project idea that I plan to pursue for 2013, this time with a bit more planning and thought up front.

This was something that I didn’t initially plan to share with anybody. It was just for my own personal benefit. But it occurred to me that if I I posted this publicly, it might inspire other visual thinkers out there to create their own annual review for 2013 in their own unique style. It doesn’t matter what you track. It just needs to be something important to you. And, it could be a data viz style, sketchnote style, cartoon style, gangnam style, etc. – whatever feels right to you. I’d love to see a collection of those a year from now and post them here. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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  1. Awesome Sacha! Thanks for sharing. I like the sketchnote style and the Looking Forward part. Good luck with your ventures and I look forward to reading about them more.

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