2013 Summer Craft Beer Tour

In late July we took a vacation to my hometown of Reno, Nevada as well as a visit to the Bay Area and Northern California for a visit with family, to take in some baseball games and sample some fantastic craft microbrewed beers that we can’t get on Maui. On the flight home, I started doodling an infographic that would summarize the breweries and beer styles I sampled on the vacation. Since memory retention is a key benefit of visualization, I thought it would be fun to take it a bit further and create an infographic to document the trip (or at least the beer consumption part of the trip).

I actually ended up creating two versions that I couldn’t decide between. Both have basically the same data and represented essentially the same way. But I couldn’t decide between the lighter, cleaner look or a darker, more beer-like look. I think each has its pros and cons. The lighter look probably is better for conveying the actually data better. It’s much easier to read. But the darker version has more of a beer feel to it so maybe it connects better at an emotional level. So, I thought it would be interesting to show both to illustrate how two different style of representing the same data can have very different effects.

The Lighter Version

2013 Beer Tour v1

The Darker Version

2013 Beer Tour v2

Even though I like the look of the darker version, I think if I had to choose only one to represent the information I would go with the lighter version, just because its so much easier to read and process.