Behind the Scenes: The Making of an Animated Infographic Video

I recently finished a new short animated infographic explainer video about the benefits of walking. People had suggested to me in the past that they’d like to see what goes on when creating one of these animated video explanations. So, while creating the video I captured most of the steps in the process and published it in a series of three blog posts on Digital Splash Media. For those interested, the links are below, butĀ first, a look at the finished product.

Behind the Scenes: Visuals Ideation & Storyboard

This first step covers the process from developing the script, to brainstorming and sketching visual concepts, to creating a rough storyboard for the video.


Behind the Scenes: Creating Illustrations & Graphics

This second article in the series covers the process of creating the illustrations and graphics for the video in Adobe Illustrator and staging some of these graphics in Apple Motion.


Behind the Scenes: Animation

The last article in the series covers the most specialized part of the process, animating the graphics.