Bubble Chart Tutorial

I’m a fan of Bubble charts. They’re similar to scatter plots.  They’re good for showing the correlation of the variable on the x axis to the variable on the y axis. But they also offer the ability to represent additional variables by the size of the circles as well as colors of the circles. Bubble charts can be created easily with basic spreadsheet software, but formatting and styling options are limited. For improved formatting options with bubble charts, my preferred method now is to create them with Density Design’s RAW tool and then save that as a .svg file and edit in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve created a tutorial of this process that goes through a process of creating a basic bubble chart in RAW, exporting it as an .svg file that you can then open with Adobe Illustrator and adjust the format and style of the chart elements.

You can download the tutorial for free on Digital Splash Media with a subscription to my Visual Media Content and Visual Communication Marketing Resources list.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the pages in the tutorial.

Paste in your copied text from your spreadsheet. You can actually paste in more columns than you intend to use, because RAW gives you the ability to map your column data to dimensions of the bubble chart.




RAW has a couple of quirks when making bubble charts. The tutorial show you how to work around those.



The tutorial shows you how to bring in the .svg file from RAW into Adobe Illustrator and reformat the elements.



The final product of reformatting the bubble chart in Illustrator.