Digital Poster or Infographic?

Last year, Cool Infographics published a great blog post from Kim Reese and Dino Citraro of the data viz firm Periscopic about infographics. Reese and Citraro pointed out that many of the visuals that are published on the web these days being called infographics, actually aren’t true infographics, but rather, are what they term ‘digital posters.’ […]

Promoting Better Health with Visuals

My main focus in visual thinking lately has been health-related, exploring several health risk correlations with scatter plots and bubble charts, creating a short 30 second public service announcement about heart disease risk factors and most recently a digital poster (an infographic in the parlance of most marketers today) showing the findings of a recent report […]

Chart Junk Chronicles

There’s been a debate in the visualization community for decades between those who favor a rational, scientific approach to the profession, emphasizing functionality, and those who consider themselves “artists,” placing emphasis on emotion and aesthetics. I’ve followed this debate for years now and have always thought it would be a good idea to document the […]

Evolution of an Infographic

In last week’s Visual Thinking Hub’s weekly visual call, Sacha Chua brought up the idea of capturing the process of creating an animated video. I hadn’t thought of doing a time lapse screen captures of making videos but it’s something I’ll keep in mind for future videos. I do however capture the various stages of […]

MedTech Infographic

I’ve recently become fascinated with the world of digital health – the intersection of health & medicine with technology. There’s a digital health revolution under way, exemplified by the proliferation of sensors, medical devices, and mobile smartphone/iPad apps. One particular development grabbed my attention about a week ago and I thought it needed a visual […]

Visual Miscellany

Haven’t had time to create any new tutorials, or sketchnotes, or infographics this week and I’ve come across a mixture of interesting articles and items in the visual thinking world that I haven’t had time to explore as much as I’d like, so I thought I’d post them here to share and explore later. 2012 […]