Chart Junk Chronicles

There’s been a debate in the visualization community for decades between those who favor a rational, scientific approach to the profession, emphasizing functionality, and those who consider themselves “artists,” placing emphasis on emotion and aesthetics. I’ve followed this debate for years now and have always thought it would be a good idea to document the […]

Vamos a Malofiej 21

Malofiej 21, the annual infographic summit in Pamplona Spain, is just a few weeks away. The Society of News Designs sponsors the annual, international competition for print and online information graphics – named for Argentinian infographer Alejandro Malofiej. The Malofiej competition has more than a dozen categories and attracts entries from around the world. Each […]

Visualizing Characters and Storylines in Literature, TV and Movies

I’ve been interested in visually representing characters and plots in books, TV series and movies for years. I’ve got several projects in work in various stages, but I hadn’t ever collected examples I’ve found into one place. Until now. Here’s a very small list of examples of how others have chosen to visually represent characters […]