Causal Mapping

In a previous post on dialogue mapping I talked about featuring some of the less-well-known, but useful visual thinking disciplines. Continuing that thread, today’s feature is on causal mapping.

causal-mappingWhat is Causal Mapping?

A causal map is a type of concept map in which the links between nodes represent causality or influence. Causal mapping is the process of creating a causal map. When done by an individual to clarify their own thinking, it is referred to as “cognitive mapping”. It may be called “oval mapping” when done by a group, named after the small oval pieces of paper containing each idea.

What is Causal Mapping Good For?

The most detailed and formal form of causal mapping is used as an aid to strategic thinking and planning as described by John Bryson et al. in Visible Thinking.

If you’d like to learn more about causal mapping, see some examples and find additional resources about it, check out Karen’s Causal Mapping page at Picture It Solved.