Chart Junk Chronicles

Chart-Junk-ChroniclesThere’s been a debate in the visualization community for decades between those who favor a rational, scientific approach to the profession, emphasizing functionality, and those who consider themselves “artists,” placing emphasis on emotion and aesthetics. I’ve followed this debate for years now and have always thought it would be a good idea to document the differences in opinion, especially in light of the recent popularity of marketing-focused ‘tower infographics’ that are so prevalent. There are many in the visualization space, myself included, who don’t see these graphics as being the same thing as traditional infographics. So, I think it’s incumbent on those who do see that there’s a difference to try to educate the public about the those differences and inform about the potential and power that true infographics have to visually communicate and explain.

For that reason, I just published an article on Digital Splash Media that documents some notable opinions in this ongoing debate.