Dialogue Mapping

dialogue map

An example of a dialogue map

Visual thinking is a term that covers an incredibly broad and diverse range of disciplines. The flashy, showy disciplines like infographics, data viz, and graphic recording are the darlings of visual thinking. But too often we overlook some incredibly useful visual tools that can be very useful. I’m planning to shine a spotlight on a few of those over the next few weeks.

First up is dialogue mapping. Dialogue mapping is a technique for diagramming meeting discussions. The three key elements are a facilitator who does the mapping, a shared display visible to all participants (preferably a screen and bright computer projector), and a simple graphical “language”, called IBIS (Issue Based Information System), for representing the discussion.

My wife, who is also obsessed with visual thinking, has been a fan of problems-solving tools in visual thinking for years. She’s written about dialogue mapping and other problem-solving tools on her website, Picture It Solved.

Learn more about dialogue mapping; what it’s good for and see some examples on her site.