Visual Thinking Website Evolution

Evolution of a Visual Thinker’s Website – the latest in a line of visual thinking websites I’ve started.

Visual Thinking Website Evolution

It all started in 2008 when Karen and I attended VizThink ’08 in San Francisco. I came away from that conference jazzed about visual thinking but also a bit confused about all the disciplines of visual thinking. On returning home, I started a blog on, VisualThinkScape, to post what I was exploring and learning. That blog still exists today though it has been quite awhile since I’ve actively published anything new there.

Some time after VisualThinkScape I decided I wanted to do a full-blown website about visual thinking that would have resources and examples of visual thinking, in addition to a blog. So, I bought the domain, and slowly started assembling that. Despite the renewed excitement from VizThink ‘09, I never really pushed that site into what I thought it could be and when the domain name was about to expire, I migrated some of the content to and let other content just expire.

About that same time I was becoming more and more obsessed with animated infographic videos and my posting on became almost exclusively about new explanation videos I’d found. Then it hit me one day that if animated infographic videos were all I was posting about, maybe I should start a new site devoted only to animated infographic videos. And thus was born in the summer of 2011.

Still, that wasn’t my only interest in visual thinking and as I got more and more interested in the rise of sketchnotes and creating infographics, once again I found myself wanting a dedicated site for other visual thinking content. Back before VizThink ‘09 I’d grabbed my @VizThinker twitter handle and it occurred to me earlier this year that might be a cool domain name for a website. I found that the domain name was available so I grabbed it, even though I really didn’t know what I’d do with it other than maybe migrating my content to it.

So what is this site going to become? That vision is still a bit fuzzy but we like the idea of a site that provides visual explanations, visual summaries and visual representations as well as news and links about visual thinking. Karen and I both have a lot of ideas for products and downloads, webinars and courses, some free, some not. Beyond that vague idea, we don’t really know what this site will become. For starters, it’s kind of our own visual thinking laboratory where we can post our own creations to share with others, and blog about cool visual thinking resources and news. In the future it may become more focused on selling licensed video explanations or licensed visual summaries of books or maybe even provide online webinars/workshops/courses some day. The direction it takes will depend not just on us but on feedback and input from site visitors, so feel free to drop us a line and let us know about your interests in visual thinking.