Evolution of an Infographic

In last week’s Visual Thinking Hub’s weekly visual call, Sacha Chua brought up the idea of capturing the process of creating an animated video. I hadn’t thought of doing a time lapse screen captures of making videos but it’s something I’ll keep in mind for future videos. I do however capture the various stages of development of both static infographics and animated video infographics. So, I thought I’d share some sketches and stages of my most recent infographic – A Blood Lab under the Skin.

The initial idea for this infographic started with an article on the Qmed website, and accompanying YouTube video.

I initially sketched out the main elements of what would become the visual explanation without any real regard for composition or design, just capturing the elements. I did this on my iPad with Adobe Ideas.


Having captured the basic elements of what I wanted to show, my next step was to design a basic layout and composition for the piece. I still prefer paper and pen most of the time so I did this with my trusty gridded composition notebook…


… and played around with the design a bit…



Next, I moved into Adobe Illustrator and started roughing out the elements.



That went through a few iterations of refining and adding the text elements at which point I shared it with the scientists who developed the technology in order to make sure it was accurate. After a few minor edits from their comments, the infographic was ready for the world.