Explaining Diagrams: A Short Introduction

I came across this nice little video from Virtual Beauty a few days ago. It introduces the language of diagrams and their role in visual thinking and communication.

Explaining Diagrams: a short introduction from Virtual Beauty on Vimeo.

Film Credits:

Distinction: Visionary Grant award 2009, Gordon Research Conference, as part of The Scripps Research Institute’s Visualization in Science and Education Grant from NSF. Principal Investigator: Professor Jeff Nickerson of the Stevens Institute of Technology. The award is intended to seed new interdisciplinary research.

Presentation: Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science & Education (July 10-15, 2011).
Press: “Radical Effects on Learning: Transforming Communities and Practice.”
Credit: The film is based on “Visualizing Thought” by Barbara Tversky. Published in “Topics in Cognitive Science” Volume 3, Issue 3, pages 499–535, July 2011.
Director: Jane Nisselson, Virtual Beauty
Editor: Alex Bingham
Music: Pat Irwin
Camera: Claudia Christensen, Oren Eckhaus, Brian Jackson, Shane Sigler, Ian Vollmer