Google Databoard for Research Insights

Google has entered the custom infographic creation game. They’re new product, Databoard for Research Insights, lets you choose a set of data, select from a set of info nuggets and place them into an infographic. As with most new Google products, they’ve got a short explainer video to introduce it.

It’s a beautiful lazy, sunny, Sunday morning with nothing urgent pressing so I decided to give it a quick try.

To start out, you choose one of their datat sets or ‘studies’ as they refer to them. You’re limited to a few sets of studies to choose from.


After choosing one of these sets to choose from you can drill down into a more specific topic. From there, it’s an easy process of selecting which little info nuggets you want to add to your infographic. These are essentially just a statistic with a corresponding data viz graphic.

The result, is definitely not a marvel of journalistic data visualization, but in my opinion it’s better than most of the cheesy ‘infographics’ that online marketers as flooding the Internet with. It doesn’t seem to let you embed the resulting infographic but you can share it on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, email it or copy the URL.

Here’s a screenshot of the top of what I produced and you can see the full thing here.


It will be interesting to see if Google expands it’s data sets to include a broader range of subject matters. And, if they do, what effect, if any, this new offering will have on the likes of other online infographic creation tools like and as well as the broader field of data visualization and the bastardization of the term ‘infographic.’