Hawaii Economic Diversification Infographic

For the final project of Alberto Cairo’s Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization course everybody got to choose their own topic. Karen and I decided to collaborate on this and we decided we wanted to explore a topic related to the state of Hawaii.

After exploring several options we focused on economic diversification initiatives in the state. Hawaii’s economy has historically been very dependent on tourism and plantation agriculture. With the demise of plantation agriculture, along with limited potential for much further growth in tourism, economic diversification has become a topic of increasing interest. The state has identified a set of targeted industries and sectors for growth. A December 2011 report from the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism measured the performance of these selected industries and sectors. Our project presents a visual comparison of select top performers to each other and to the state’s tourism industry.

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Team Members:

Jeff Bennett
Karen Bennett
Kula, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Team Responsibilities:
A lot of the tasks were very collaborative. Each of us would find data and we’d discuss the data and how to visualize it at breakfast and dinner. Then we’d figure out what each of us would do next and each would focus on that task. For design and layout, Karen followed the The Dallas Morning News style guide that Alberto provided.

Topic selection, research, identification of data sources, initial graph concepts, data entry and rough Illustrator graphs

Research, identification of data sources, initial graph concepts, design, layout and fine-tuning in Illustrator