Math Doodling

Infinity-ElephantsI can’t believe I had never heard of Vi Hart or seen any of her videos until this week – makes me feel like the proverbial cave-dweller. I now know that Vi is Internet-famous for her math videos on YouTube – many of which feature doodling to show and explain mathematical concepts. Math requires thinking and doodling is very visual, so you can’t get much more visual thinking than Vi’s series of Doodling in Math Class. What’s the point of doodling and math you might ask? In Vi’s words, “to show that simple doodle games can lead to mathematical results so cool and beautiful that they’re famous.”┬áSo, sit down and strap yourself in for a wild, frenetic doodle-fest sampling of Vi’s doogling ┬ámath lessons.

Snakes + Graphs

Learn the basics of graph theory by drawing squiggles and snakes.

Binary Trees

Learn about exponential growth by doodling binary trees.


Learn about prime numbers and Euclid’s proof by drawing stars.

Infinity Elephants

Learn sums of infinite series and fractals, by drawing circles in circles, elephants in elephants and on and on…

Ok, got an energy left? Want more? Check out Vi’s YouTube channel for more. Want some sketching practice for the weekend? Try one of Vi’s doodle games. The circles in circles game in the last video would be the easiest place to start.