Picture Superiority Effect Video Download

Earlier this year I created a short animated infographic video that briefly explains what the picture superiority effect is (scroll down to see it). Since I occasionally get requests from people for permission to use videos I’ve produced, for training or education, I thought I’d make some of these videos available here for download (I’ll be making others available here soon).

Of course you can just embed the YouTube or Vimeo version on your blog or website, but if you’d like to have the original video file for use in a classroom lecture or a corporate training video, you can just download this version.

Download Picture Superiority Effect Video (.mov file – Right-click to save to your computer)

The picture superiority effect, or pictorial superiority effect is the term that resulted from experiments that have shown that in human memory recall, pictures outperform text dramatically. When information is presented orally, after 3 days, people will only remember 10% of it. But if pictures are added, memory recall improves to 65%.
Nelson, D.L., Reed, U.S., & Walling, J.R. (1976). Pictorial superiority effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning & Memory, 2, 523-528.