RAW Visualization of 2013 MLB Pitching ERA

Density Design recently released their new data visualization tool, RAW, which they bill as “the missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics.” I finally got some time last weekend to experiment with it a bit. I chose to visualize a correlation of major league baseball pitcher’s ERA’s to their winning percentage and throw in a third variable as well, each pitchers’ salary for 2013.

All that was pretty easy to do in RAW, though it did require some post-processing in Illustrator to correct some issues. My result is below. For those interested in a more detailed look at the my test drive of RAW, I wrote a bit longer review at Digital Splash Media: RAW: Vector-based Data Viz Tool. If you’re interested in data visualization and have been frustrated working with data in spreadsheets and Adobe Illustrator, definitely check out RAW.base