I originally posted this on, but thought there might be a few followers here that don’t know about that site, so I thought I’d re-post here as well.

Top-10-Video-Infographics-2012In the great tradition of end of year blog posts I thought I’d do a feature on the top 10 video infographics of 2012. Over the year, I’ve curated 222 videos on that site, and reviewed hundreds more. As part of my process of watching and curating so many infographic videos, I started to keep my own 3-star ranking system of these videos in a spreadsheet to help me keep track of those that I think are the most outstanding. The result was about 60 3-star videos in 2012. That’s too many to feature in a top X list so I turned to the Likes and Comments of my top ranked videos (and in doing so eliminated videos only featured on YouTube since YouTube comments are pretty much trash). This resulted in a list of 10 videos that had triple digit Likes on their Vimeo pages. Voila! A top 10 list. So, in a ascending order, here are the top 10 most liked animated video infographics featured on Video InfoGraphics in 2012, including number of Likes and Comments for each (as of December 30, 2012).

1. Benetton – Unemployee of the year (231 Likes / 6 Comments)

Benetton – Unemployee of the year from HELLO, SAVANTS! on Vimeo.

2. We Are Karpa ( 251 Likes / 7 Comments)

We are Karpa from karpa net on Vimeo.


3. Coinc ( 307 Likes / 7 Comments)

Coinc from Biografica on Vimeo.


4. Video Content – Behind the Scenes ( 326 Likes / 30 Comments)

Video Content – Behind the Scenes from Dani Wolf on Vimeo.


5. UNICEF Enterprise ( 426 Likes / 34 Comments)

UNICEF Enterprise from J-Scott on Vimeo.


6. Care to Click ( 585 Likes / 57 Comments)

Care to Click Infographic Animation from BWALL on Vimeo.


7. Power of the Tire PSA ( 719 Likes / 38 Comments)

Power of the Tire PSA / infographic from caustik on Vimeo.


8. The Power of Information ( 1983 Likes / 59 Comments)

OpenText / The Power of Information from TENDRIL on Vimeo.


9. Getting Lost ( 2534 Likes / 54 Comments)

Getting Lost from Marco Bagni – LostConversation on Vimeo.


10. Ending Overfishing ( 3865 Likes / 75 Comments)

Ending Overfishing from OCEAN2012 on Vimeo.