Tutorial: Learn How to Draw Pictograms & Graphics in Apple Keynote

Learn how to draw pictograms in Apple Keynote

Learn how to draw pictograms like this smartphone in Apple Keynote

The need to create visual explanations like presentations is commonplace in the business world today. The inherent ability to present ideas and communicate visually with tools like Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote is great. But you either need to find the right graphics or create your own. Finding graphics that you have permission to use and that maintain a consistent look can be challenging or expensive. But, if you learn some basic drawing techniques with these tools, you’ll find that you can create your own pictogram-style graphics and illustrations.

So, a couple of weeks ago I created a tutorial to teach the basics of creating your own pictograms and graphics in Apple Keynote. If you’re a Keynote user and want to learn how to create icons and pictograms for your presentations, check out the tutorial at Digital Splash Media.