Variations in US Unemployment Interactive Infographic Mock-up

Week 4 of Alberto Cairo’s Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization online course brought another interactive visualization mock-up assignment. The assignment was similar in structure to last week’s but using a different data set. This week, we were to use US unemployment data from the Guardian Data Blog.

It was a much easier topic to grapple with this week, but I found myself looking for a lot of additional data sets to help tell the story of how varied US unemployment is; from state to state, across industries, and how it correlates to education level. Note: Due to time limitations, I used fake data for some of the elements in the industry and education views, so don’t anyone take those charts as factual (I’m looking at you Fox News).

Click on the image for full-size view.


2 thoughts on “Variations in US Unemployment Interactive Infographic Mock-up

  1. What tool you use to draw these figures and configure the layout?
    I’m a newbie on data-visualization, so I want to know something about “how to do” .

  2. This particular work was primarily done in Apple Keynote as far as the visuals. But I used spreadsheet software such as Google Docs and Open Office almost as much. I also used Adobe Illustrator to bring all the pieces together.

    If you want to focus on one tool for drawing the visuals, I’d recommend focusing on Adobe Illustrator.

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