Visual Thinking Is… Animated Video Rough Cut Edit

Originally posted on Digital Splash Media

Awhile back I started working on a custom animated explanation video about visual thinking that shows examples of types of visual thinking and provides a preview of some of the kinds of things that may be discussed during local VizThink events. I wrote about some of the background and motivation for this project in a previous blog post. The project got put on hold for a couple of months while I worked on a couple of custom animated videos for clients. My work on those wrapped up recently so I’ve had a chance to get back to this project a bit.

I still need to get some examples of information design and infographics, so I wanted to get a rough cut edit of the video available to solicit permission from some information designers out there for some examples. Thanks to Sunni Brown, Eva-Lotta Lam, Mike Rohde, Steve Cherches and Alberto Cairo for permission to your examples from their work. And thanks to Dave Gray for tweeting this rough cut video earlier today. Glad he caught the Gamestorming Cameo.

Visual Thinking is Rough Cut from Jeff Bennett on Vimeo.