Visual Thinking

What is Visual Thinking?

I believe that there’s a bit of confusion out there about the term visual thinking. If you ask a bunch of people what visual thinking is, you’ll get a range of answers. Some will answer, “graphic recording” or “sketch notes,” while others will point at infographics as the definition of what visual thinking is. Meanwhile the hard-core information designers and data viz conservatives, will scoff at those answers, referring to those examples as “chart junk.” I think that people need to understand that the term visual thinking covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, any one of which may resonate with their personality and communication style.

So, I made this animated explainer video to show show what visual thinking is, showing examples of types of visual thinking, benefits of visual thinking and promoting the VizThink community.

Visual Thinking is…

Visual Thinking Is… from Jeff Bennett on Vimeo.