Weekly Visualization Roundup

Obsessed as I am with visual explanations, summaries, and other visualizations, I follow, subscribe and like a dizzying number of visual thinking sources and then like, retweet, tweet, pin them in various social media platforms. But some are better than others, some just resonate with me more than others, so I thought I might curate a subset of these in a weekly blog post here. That way, at least I can find my favorite visualizations a bit easier and if anyone else finds some value in it, even better. So, here’s the first week’s worth of my top visualizations.

Napolean’s March by Charles Minard

First up, I think it’s only fitting to feature one of my top favorite visualizations of all time, one I first discovered in an Edward Tufte seminar and probably one of the most famous visualizations out there – Charles Minard’s infographic of Napolean’s march.

It’s well worth the time to learn more about Minard. If you’re not a Wikipedia hater, there’s an overview there. Edward Tufte has a translation of Minard’s obituary by Dawn Finley on his site. You can also buy poster size prints of this visualization on Tufte’s site. If you want to learn more about Minard and see some other visualization of his, check out the Cartographia Minard archives.

Now that the Minard tribute is out of the way, on to some more contemporary visualizations I’ve come across in the past week.┬áThe Guardians Information is Beautiful Data Visualisation and Infographic Awards has a set of 23 visualizations that are all worthy. My favorites:

Look at the Sky: Belief and Science

This visualization really catches the eye and makes me want to dive in and explore. You really need the full-size version to see what’s going on. It’s in Spanish, so you need at least some partial fluency to get it.


Paul Estriga’s Infographic CV

Clean, simple, and elegant.

And a couple of miscellaneous visualizations .

A Simple Guide to Kitchen Conversion from The Roosevelts

Another simple and elegant visual.


Breweries of Europe from Pop Chart Lab

And if you’re a craft beer fan living in the U.S. like I am, check out their Breweries of the United States┬áposter.